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We provide pile driving services

Using our own custom designed equipment
Who needs it?
There are many large, heavy and powerful piling machines on the market, but there is also a demand for jobs that need to be done on hard to access construction sites with limited space to work
With our compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable equipment, you will receive a reliable pile driving service at an affordable
The durability of reinforced concrete pile foundations exceeds hundred years. Each pile can withstand a load up to 60 tons (depending on soil type and size of a pile).
Environmental friendly
Suitable for use in residential areas:
- Low noise level
- No damage to the soil
- Easy to use in limited access areas
Fast installation
An average pile driven installation time for 600 sq.ft. house foundation is 1-2 days. You can start your construction immediately after the foundation is set.
Wide range of technology use
Low-rise private and commercial construction, industrial buildings, hangars, piers, decking, fences, road infrastructure, and more...
Versatile technology
Suitable for use on almost every type of soil, terrain, and slope and is easily combined with other foundation technologies.
All season work
Build a foundation with our equipment in any type of weather.
Competitive value for money
Competitive pricing for the characteristics as compared to alternatives.
We drive into the ground precast concrete piles, wooden piles, steel profiles, pipes and H-beams. The piles are up to 20 feet in length and up to 12 inches in cross section
Precast concrete piles
Wooden piles
Steel profiles & pipes
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